Solidworks simulation in industry and its benefits

Solidworks offers intuitive solutions for each design phase. Solidworks simulation has a complete set of tools that help you be more effective and productive in the development of your products in all steps of the design process. The simplicity that is part of their value proposition is decisive to achieve the success of many customers.

The Solidworks solution includes five different product lines:

  1. Design tools to create models and assemblies
  2. Design tools for mechanical manufacturing, which automates inspection documents and generates documentation without 2D drawings.
  3. Simulation tools to evaluate the design and ensure that it is the best possible
  4. Tools that evaluate the environmental impact of the design during its life cycle.
  5. Tools that reuse 3D CAD data to simplify the way companies create conserve and use content for technical communication.
  6. Finally, all these tools are backed by solidworks to securely manage and control the data through a single source of real data of their designs and Solidworks Manage, a tool that manages the processes and projects involved throughout the development of the product and it is connected to the design process.

All these solutions work together to allow companies to improve the manufacture of their products and develop them more quickly and economically.

Thanks to the tools provided by this design software, you can be more productive and launch the products to the market more quickly. It also has an intuitive and simple interface which helps to quickly transform ideas into real products.