The Quiet Stomach | FAQ
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Q: Is the programme for me?

A: To qualify for the Appetite Re-Programming Weight Loss System and its Extended Care Programme, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old. (For adolescents, parental consent is required and strict medical supervision will be delivered.)
  • Be overweight with a BMI of 27 and above.
  • Be ready to comply with a medically supervised programme.

In addition, there are certain medical reasons you may not be eligible for the programme. Thus, a check with your physician is crucial to determine your eligibility.

Q: How much weight will I lose?

A: You can experience significant loss averaging between 15 – 20 kilos; however, your results will depend on how well you follow the programme and adjust your eating habits.

Q: Will I be able to feel the balloon in my stomach?

A: There will be discomfort during the first few days. After that, the primary sensation of the balloon is a feeling of fullness.

Q: Are there side effects or complications with the balloon?

A: The first three days will be difficult. Cramping, nausea and vomiting are normal and should be expected. It is very important that you follow your physician’s instructions and drink plenty of fluids. Medication may be available to help ease the discomfort.

Q: How long will it take to recover after the procedure?

A: You should plan at least three days of inactivity to recover form the procedure. You will be able to resume normal activity sooner or later than this depending on how quickly your body adjusts to the balloon.

Q: How will the weight-loss results compare with other diet programmes?

A: You can expect to lose more weight with the Appetite Re-Programming Weight Loss System and its Extended Care Programme. Because the balloon gives you a feeling of satiety, and coupled with the support and information given during the period of six months, you are better able to control your eating and make healthy changes in your habits.

Q: Does the programme require frequent visits to the physician after the procedure?

A: The follow-up programme is critical to success with the programme and in learning new lifestyle skills. You will meet with your physician and support team at least monthly while the device is in place. During this time, your progress will be evaluated and you will learn valuable principles of health, nutrition, and exercise that will provide you a foundation for long-term success.

Q: Does the balloon limit activity?

A: You should not plan any heavy activity during the first week. Once your body has adjusted to the balloon, you can continue with your normal activities. Starting a regular exercise programme is highly recommended and will improve your success.

Q: What happens if the balloon leaks?

A: If the balloon leaks, you will notice a greenish tint in your urine colour. Once you notice this change in urine colour, you must inform your physician immediately. If the balloon deflates, it will likely pass through your body naturally. In extreme cases, it may need to be removed by your physician.

Q: Can I drink alcohol?

A: Alcohol in moderation is fine.

Q: Can I eat anything I want? Are there any food restrictions?

A: You will not feel like eating as much as you used to. In addition, if you eat fatty foods or sweets, you may feel sick. Excessive overeating while the balloon is in place must be avoided as it can result in a serious medical condition.

Q: How is the balloon removed?

A: The balloon is removed through the mouth in the same manner it was inserted. The 20-minute procedure is performed under sedation.

Q: Must I participate in the follow-up visits to be successful?

A: The balloon is not a magic pill, but a tool to change your lifestyle. Taking part in the programme will give you the education and support to change your lifestyle habits and have a better chance for long-term success.

Q: What can the Extended Care Programme do for me?

A: If you expect to see results, then your commitment and discipline is key. The Extended Care Programme aims to help you stay loyal to your weight loss goals at all times through regular consultations with your physician, motivational gifts, healthy eating and exercising tips and BMI tracking.

Lose the weight and keep it that way!