The Quiet Stomach | How to lose 32kg
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How to lose 32kg

How to lose 32kg

Church worker John Chiong was 112 kg at the peak of his weight. When John decided to change his life and keep to a more healthy weight, he went on a six-year journey that ended recently with the BIB®system. Today, he has finally attained an ideal weight of 80 kg – achieving a dramatic weight loss of 32 kg. Allergan catches up with him to get an inside perspective on how he’s doing.

Q: How did your previous weight of 112 kg affect your life?

John: I was always overweight. When I was 112 kg, I could not sustain a basketball game for more than half an hour. I tried to run before, and I couldn’t last more than 500 m before I started panting very heavily. I suffered from low self esteem, and was not confident of walking into clothing shops. I had to wear XXL sizes, my waist size used to be 42 and I could only fit into European size jeans. My clothes were pretty costly.

Q: What kind of weight loss strategies have you tried?

John: I have tried liquid diets, but that didn’t really help because I just got hungrier. I took health supplements and dietary products, and I exercised. I did lose some weight, but gained it back after a while, and I didn’t really see much of a change, which was very discouraging. Then I went on prescription pills, but I decided it didn’t want to be on pills forever. That’s when I decided I was ready for the balloon (BIB).

Q: Why did you decide on the BIB® system?

John: This was the least invasive strategy. I didn’t want a magic bullet, I wanted a lifestyle change – I wanted to take on a completely healthy lifestyle.

Q: Can you share your experience with the BIB® system?

John: BIB can be done as a day surgery. My doctor put me to sleep and the job was done in 10 minutes. The adaptation phase following the insertion of the balloon was difficult and there was a fair bit of vomiting, but I got over it within four days, and started exercising after three weeks. It was worth it   totally.

Q: How do you feel about your weight loss?

John: I bought some clothes some months ago (before the BIB® system procedure) and I can’t wear them now. That made me feel really good. My wife is happy, I can walk into any clothing shop and pick up anything and try it on. That’s the biggest achievement so far – psychologically, the weight loss has made me more confident and really boosted my self esteem. My lifestyle after the balloon procedure is amazing. I’m planning to do my first Standard Chartered 10 km run.

Q: What do you do to maintain your weight?

John: Now I run 4 to 5 km three times a week, and go to the gym twice a week. After every run I feel like I’ve conquered another mountain! Diet and exercise is part of the formula and this is part of my life now. I have stopped drinking canned drinks, I’ve cut down on sugar and I don’t eat sweetened or oily food. I have loads of fruits too.

Q: Would you recommend the BIB® system to your friends?

John: I would recommend the balloon to people who are able to make a commitment to healthy lifestyle. This shouldn’t be treated as a one-time solution. You need to want to make a change in your lifestyle. If I didn’t make the choice of the balloon, I may not have lost so much weight.


“Losing weight is easy once you make the first step. See how far this member has come. You can do it too.”

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