The Exclusiveness of My Neighbor Totoro: Situating the basic knowledge about the movie

Fantasy films have long been on the horizon of the movie making industry and one can surely understand the intricate details that go on behind the making if such films. Apart from that, one can simply accessorize the effort of the directors and producers in making such films that thrill the audience to the fullest. One such film is My Neighbor Totoro, which suitably tells the tale of two daughters who come into contact with the Totoro’s, the spirit of the forest. Recorded to be one of the best films in the animation category, the extreme hard work put forth by Hayao Miyazaki is splendid and just right to the point. Starting from the background music to the effects and the voice modulation, each and everything has its own unique place and significance. Much information about the availability of totoro accessories can be done on neighbour totoro and even ratings can be given too.

What is the basic theme of the movie?

The two young siblings named Satsuki and Mei come to their own house to get in touch with some of the friendliest spirits who inhabit the forests. Named totoro, each one has some or the other extraordinary powers that differentiate them from one another. The movie was so well received by the audience that it got translated into various languages from the original Japanese version and even subtitles were added as well. Interesting, the film is counted among the top 100 fantasy animated films to have been ever made. Additionally, the film was greatly received by the critics as well.

Neighbor Totoro

What makes the plot interesting?

The plot of the movie centres on the spirited creatures that have their own magical world. As the siblings discover the whole new world down the rabbit hole, everything seems to be very fun and exciting. Termed to be the keepers of the forest, the totoro’s make all things magical and thus, one can imagine the suspense that has already engulfed the two kids. The film is very much appreciated in terms of its dialogues and screenplay as well.